SOKRU Aleksi Cohen
I've played LoL since 2012. I enjoy playing all kinds of competitive games - from rhythm games to card games. League of Legends has however always been my favorite. When I'm not playing I'm busy coding or studying.
JOHNNYJonne Janhunen
Played LoL since 2013, got into esports in 2016 by having our own team with friends. Im a very competitive person and always want to be the best at everything I do. On my freetime I play floorball and make woodwork.
MANIACTomasz Klimek
I have started my story with League of Legends by the end of season 1 by watching my uncle play the game for quite some time and have picked it up much later in season 5 however i did not play ranked until season 7. I am a fast learner as I have done so by improving from being bronze to a diamond in one season, motivated to win in anything I do. I enjoy playing football as my past time to clear my head and give myself a break once in a while, overall a positive person to be in any team.
ZAQUSaku Hänninen
I started LoL late in 2011 first i played just for fun and in 2014 i discovered esports and was enjoying a lot of EU LCS. I started to play competive league in late 2018 and im looking to improve my own and my team play every week.
PICKOtso Räty
I started LoL late in 2012 and support became my role, since it was usually the only role left within the group of friends. I have been playing more competitively from early 2017 after getting to know Johnny and Maniac. Otherwise in free time i often play osu! and i go to play floorball. I am also an active follower of esports.